martedì 25 settembre 2007

********ATTRACTIVE TRULLI**********

Itria Valley
Semi-habitable trulli, 2 large 2 small cones plus alcoves and lamia.Panoramic views, 10km from Cisternino, 10 from Ceglie Messapica
and 15 from Cisternino.
Land of 3,000 sq m at price 100,000, more available
Euro 110,00O
Cisternino area

A 2-bedroomed trullo in course of restoration. The price is for the
property completed structurally and externally but requiring
finishing internally. Panoramic area, approximately 1200 sq m
of land.

Euro 130,000

Martina Franca
Group of 9 trulli in a residential area with internal area a
pproximately 100 sq m.
Externally the land extends to around 1000 sq m.
Small shops and a bar, pizzeria etc are nearby.
Euro 145,000

Martina Franca
In a panoramic position - a large group of total 9 cones of trullo for
restoration, with 2 hectares of land in semi-natural state.
Euro 145,000

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