martedì 25 settembre 2007

TRULLI-Two Ostuni cones and an extension in an elevated position - € 200,000 REF.NUM: RT-6

On a hillside between the towns of Cisternino and Ostuni with panoramic views over the surrounding countryside, are two typical Ostuni towers and an extension. The main structure comprises; one Ostuni cone (one room and two alcoves)and the extension (living room/kitchen with a fireplace, two bedrooms, bathroom and a storage room) there is also another Ostuni cone (not restored) in the grounds also with panoramic views. This second cone has one room with two alcoves and a fireplace (it would make excellent guest accommodation ). There are two out-buildings, one is a small storage room and the other a small kitchen with a wood-burning bread/pizza oven outside. On a plot of land measuring approximately 9,000 sqmt with a small wood, olive and various types of fruit tree. A lovely property in a beautiful position. Make of Apulia region a piece of your life!

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